20% goal reached!!

Starting off with some BIG news!! Just reached my 20% goal!! Thank you Mischa and Marcel!!

2016-04-26 (29)

This means I can hike all the way to mile 532! This takes me past Agua Dulce and Mojave to Tehachappi pass! Only about 150 miles to Kennedy Meadows. This is where I will prepare myself for the 8.4 average bear encounters! I will pick up my bear canister to store my food, so the bears won’t follow me around and pay me a visit in my tent 😉

I have been working a lot lately… But every day I try to set aside half an hour for my PCT trip. 30 minutes of planning, reading about food, preparations or reading extensive gear reviews. I’m becoming more and more aware of the sheer massiveness of this undertaking… The trail distance is equaled by the amount of preparation that has to be done… People say “don’t over think!” But this is just part of the journey and fun!!

Shoe SystemIMG_4560

My gear is slowly coming together.

One of my first priorities is getting my footwear right!

Got my Super Feet Insoles and Darn Tough and Ortovox Hiking Socks this week… This means my shoe “system” is complete!!! Time to make another practice run!! Spring is here!!

As soon as I find the time…


Never thought I would say this, but OMG… I’ve become a gear-junky… a weight nerd… a calorie counter

Every piece of gear is weighed extensively… Is it necessary to survive? Will it contribute immensely to my comfort? Is it worth the extra weight? Is it multi-functional? Maybe I could cut of the labels, that will save me a couple of grams… OMG… What have I turned in to???

Just ordered my sleeping quilt yesterday and I caught myself being soooo happy and excited to get a sleeping bag that will withstand -17C and only weighs 500 grams… I repeat… -17C for 500 grams… 
Yup… I know… Insane!!!
Insane I’m this happy? NO, insane that it is this light!!

If I can keep the weight of my sleeping system under 3 kg, the dream for hiking ultralight is still alive!! Takes some planning, but definitely worth it!! Having to haul less weight will leave more energy to enjoy the views, lower the risk of injuries and will make the overall experience even more exhilarating!

Dream BIG or go home!

Blue skies,
xox Lianne


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