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Gear overview

Hi everyone, This video shows an overview of all the gear that I will be taking with me on my 2017 Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. Enjoy and drop me a message in case of questions or remarks. For a short list, look on my gear page. xox Lianne

About guitars and the beautiful mess in between

Hi everyone, One of the mantra’s of long distance hiking is; HYOH: Hike Your Own Hike ! You see and hear it everywhere. It’s such a cliche… But you know, cliches are usually true… I have always been a person following a path less traveled, always doing my own thing. So when someone said to me […]

Christmas training

                Getting your body into shape is one of the most important prep for next year! For the past month I have concentrated on heat training, which consists of lots and lots of sauna time (terrible, I know ;)) alternating with a gym workout. But training outside every once […]

US Visum application

Hi everyone! Preparations are going to plan. I’ve spend a couple of days in England doing some cityhiking, which was a lot of fun! And even though it was England, the weather was better than my fall training in norway 😉 This is going to be a BIG week… A couple of weeks ago I […]

Sponsor-BBQ Big Success!!

Hi everyone, Saturday was the big day!!  I’d like to thank everyone who made time in their busy schedules to share my pre-trail jitters and to support my crazy adventure!! Your enthusiasm and support touched me deeply!! I loved talking to you and showing you all my plans and gear!! Since my last setback I […]


Hi everyone, Thank you so much for sharing my adventure and for helping me make it happen. Unfortunately I encountered a major setback yesterday when my backpack including some of my gear got stolen from my car. It hit me hard… My gear was almost complete… And I do not understand why people would steal from […]

From climbing mountains to solar panels

Hi everyone! Thanks to Kris and Hans, I just reached 27% of my budget goal!!  27% means I’ll reach mile 700; Kennedy Meadows!!! This means getting ready for spotting bears! There are mainly two kinds of bears; the black and the brown. Black bear; make a lot of noise, then run. Brown bear; DO NOT RUN!! […]

The big 3 complete!

Finally… after hours and hours of research I made up my mind about what I want as my big 3!   Let me explain… The big 3:      1.     Backpack      2.     Shelter      3.     Sleeping System   These 3 things will dictate a lot of your pack weight, […]