Christmas training









Getting your body into shape is one of the most important prep for next year! For the past month I have concentrated on heat training, which consists of lots and lots of sauna time (terrible, I know ;)) alternating with a gym workout. But training outside every once in a while really is preferable!

So how better to close out the year than preparing for next year’s adventure! Together with Wouter from fall training in Norway, we walked around 20km through the Waterleidingduinen, a national park adjacent to the Dunes of Zandvoort and Vogelenzang.

Even though I live a 10 min drive away, I had never really been there. Did read about it in the paper the last couple of years, mentioning the big population of deer… That I can confirm! Around every corner you see 2 little does grazing, or big deer with huge antlers just casually walking along. Think we might have seen about 100 deer during our walk!!










It was a nice little walk in the park with great weather circumstances for this time of the year

Thanks Wouter,

it was very nice to meet up with you again and enjoy nature together!!



Next big outside training day will be januari 15th, where I will join up with two aspiring 2017-PCT hikers like myself!! Lots and lots to talk about!!

Up till then I will continue the heat training and not to forget the mental preparation!

Talk to you soon!

X0X Lianne






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