From climbing mountains to solar panels

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Kris and Hans, I just reached 27% of my budget goal!!

bear-vault-bv500-canister-03 27% means I’ll reach mile 700; Kennedy Meadows!!! This means getting ready for spotting bears! There are mainly two kinds of bears; the black and the brown. Black bear; make a lot of noise, then run. Brown bear; DO NOT RUN!! But most importantly; do not spook the bears! This is the place from where you will need to carry a bear vault through the Sierra’s, so they will not follow the smell of food.
I know it sounds weird, but cannot wait for my first bear encounter, preferably in the distance, mind you!dsc08037

Getting to the 700th mile mark means only 60 more miles to go until I reach Mount Whitney!! Whitney is the highest mountain of the united states and lies on the edge of the trail, beckoning… I already got a hiking buddy to make a day trip up the summit! It is said to have one of the most breathtaking of views… A sunrise summit climb…


Just ordered the last gear that I will need for practice runs this summer. I will leave in 2 weeks for a 3 month off-and-on camping/working trip. Time to experience life in my new tent, try out the cooking and water systems, experience trail food and try out my solar/energy choices!

After hours and hours of researching all different kinds of energy sources… I finally settled on bringing a solar panel! I am taking photo/video equipment, a phone which has my maps on it and a rechargeable headlamp, so I would not prefer running out of energy. And what better way to recharge your batteries while walking out in the sun all day?! But which one? There are literately a hundred different kinds… Big/Small, Heavy/Light, Powerful/Durable…

MagnetsWith the advise of some good friends who know their way around gadgets and energy, my choice settled on the Yolk Solar Paper.

An ultra-thin, ultralight kind of solar panel, which is waterproof, small, light and easily attachable to your backpack! You can link the individual panels together by magnets to increase Wattage.
It is manufactured by a company in Japan through a Kickstarter campaign. This makes most people nervous, but it is such highly specialized equipment and being made “by hikers” “for hikers”, makes it actually uniquely qualified!! Cannot wait until it arrives!!

Thanks Max for the suggestion! And thank you Hans, for guiding my decision and sponsoring it!

Happy developments!! Other than that it has been a busy week… My work in medical research has just skyrocketed, trying to tie up all loose ends. Also I am moving out of my home, so packing and cleaning take up every free minute.

Packing up your stuff when you’re moving is always a moment of reminiscence and profound thought… Throwing stuff away, remembering, closing boxes… It’s amazing the clarity one gets from shedding material things!


“I went into the woods to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life. And see if I could not learn what it had to teach. And not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived”

– Thoreau –

Time to bite that stick and keep grinding forwards!!

Adventure awaits!!

Blue skies!!

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