Sponsor-BBQ Big Success!!

Hi everyone,

Saturday was the big day!! 
I’d like to thank everyone who made time in their busy schedules to share my pre-trail jitters and to support my crazy adventure!!
Your enthusiasm and support touched me deeply!!


I loved talking to you and showing you all my plans and gear!!

Since my last setback I replaced almost all of my gear. Thank god I kept an extensive gear list… Took me a while to track everything down again, but seeing everything together for the first time was such a high!! Cannot wait to get started!! I still have to wait 6 months, for I will leave at the end of March 2017, but there is still so much to arrange… Have to arrange my visa and plane ticket, sort out resupply stops, sort out food and calories, make a travel plan… Cannot wait to get to the next step!!


I cannot thank you enough for your support and donations!!! I don’t really know what to say; realizing that so many of my friends support me and my crazy adventure touches my heart and it makes me a little speechless…

Thanks to all of you I now have saved up to 62% of the total budget!! A huge leap!!
Because of all of you I won’t have to bite on a stick for half a year, but I can now plan it to be a safer and more comfortable journey with a bigger chance of success!!

Thank you Ger and Arienne, for organizing such a gift! You are such amazing people, I will be forever grateful!!


Before BBQ                                                                                                         After BBQ






Blue skies, happy trails!

xox Lianne

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