Gear overview

Hi everyone,

This video shows an overview of all the gear that I will be taking with me on my 2017 Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike.
Enjoy and drop me a message in case of questions or remarks.

For a short list, look on my gear page.

xox Lianne

First steps

Hi everyone,

Since committing to this adventure a couple weeks ago, preparations have started on multiple fronts. A year seems like a long time, but I still have a lot to do…1001119_1698526847056356_4315417689564687127_n

I am reading lots of books and blogs about the trail itself. Studying maps, water points and resupply locations. I am researching gear and specialized equipment, read more about my gear list here. Also I am following a group of 2016 hikers on trail, to see how they are doing and learn from their preparations and execution.

I have sorted through my camping and backpacking gear and have realized I still need a lot of stuff… Since I am very short, ultralight is a must for me. And since I still need to save a lot of money, my first priority is the gear that I will need to break in or practice with. First purchase are a pair of hiking shoes, so I can start preparing my feet and body. Next up will be the backpack, tent and cooking system so I can practice with them over the summer.

First training hike of 20 miles immediately confirmed the need for practice. Blisters, muscle aches and tendon problems… And this was only one day, let alone having to do it for 6 months continually while hauling a 30 pound pack with me…

I would like to thank the first people who are helping me make this adventure possible! Thank you Rhinestone GroothandelSkystudio, Bram, Stu&Iris, Ronald&Ellen, Wouter&Aranka, Jeroen and Edita for getting me one step closer to my goal!!

Your support means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

xox Lianne