US Visum application

Hi everyone!img_9038

Preparations are going to plan. I’ve spend a couple of days in England doing some cityhiking, which was a lot of fun! And even though it was England, the weather was better than my fall training in norway 😉img_8943

This is going to be a BIG week…

A couple of weeks ago I received my new passport, which made it finally possible to prepare for the last big hurdle… The US visum application. An ordinary tourist visum for 3 months is no problem. But when you want to stay 6 months, it becomes a whole different thing… They want to know everything about you. From your religious convictions to your medical status to your criminal ties and actions. I answered an elaborate questionnaire stating I have never participated or been associated with any criminal behaviour, I am not a terrorist and I am definitely not traveling to Amerika to prostitute myself or participate in human trafficking…

img_9058Suddenly my life feels very boring…
I do wonder, though… Will actual criminals answer yes to any of these questions?

I also collected all my proof documents stating what I am planning to do in the US, my itinerary, proof that I have enough money to fund my stay and proof that I will in fact leave the US once I finished hiking. All these things I will need to bring to my interview at the US Consulate next Tuesday…

Since the entire adventure sort of depends on this visum, I am a little nervous… But thankfully some aspiring PCT Thru-hikers went before me and had little problem getting through the interview. So I have my hopes up!

Setting up the visum got me going on all the other paper work. I also arranged my California fire permit, arranged everything for a Canadian permit and read up on the PCT long distance hiking permit. The Canadian permit is just in case I finish hiking early and want to spend some time in Canada before flying back. It also comes in handy if I choose to decide to fly out from Vancouver instead of the USA. Also researched plane tickets yesterday, but haven’t made my mind up yet. The PCT hiking permit fixes your start date, which is pretty important when buying plane tickets… Unfortunately application for this permit opens in February. There are 50 starting permits for each day, as to spread out the hikers to protect nature and the resources.

img_8884I cannot wait to get out there!!!!
Just 3,5 months to go…

Let’s get back to work…
Budget is not complete and I still need to finish my research!!

But don’t forget to cross your fingers for me on Tuesday…
Thank you!
Drop a comment on my blog and I’ll talk to you soon,


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